Why you need to be careful while using your Gas Oven

For how many months I kept on bugging my aunt to buy an oven because I really wanted to learn how to bake and to try out new dishes, so last year just before Christmas she finally decided to buy an oven and I was very happy and excited to use it. That Christmas time I baked a lasagna and a new york cheesecake and I was happy with the result because it tasted good. It is already almost a year and I am already so used to using the oven because whenever I’m not busy I try to make time to try out new recipes to bake.

So to make this long story short, last monday evening I decided to bake because my tito ordered a 4 dozen of red velvet cookies for my mommy’s birthday. I decided to make the dough of the red velvet ahead of time and just chill it for the night so that I can bake it the next morning without too much of a hassle and also to have an ample amount of time to prepare because I also need to go meet up with my aunt at the mall.

When I was done making the dough I decided to bake a batch of smaller pieces so that I could eat it for a snack, when I already placed the dough in the cookie tray, I let it sit first because I still have to preheat the oven and as I was already trying to light it up, I couldn’t find the match in the kitchen and remembered that it was in our living room area (I don’t even know why it got there) so I started walking there for approximately just 8-10 steps and left our oven already turned on and the gas was already leaking out because I thought that it was okay for me to leave it for just a few seconds, like literally a few seconds! When I lit the match and put it near the small hole in the bottom of our gas oven, it suddenly flashed out and the flame was so near my face that I it really scared the living daylights out of me!

My hands were shaking and I was breathing heavily, because I thought that what if it exploded and caused a fire? What if it burned our house down? I was really irresponsible that time and made me think if I still have the guts to bake and use the oven because it kind of traumatized me! Fortunately God is still so good because my index and middle finger were the only ones that got affected, I had a minor burn and although it stings a lot, it is fine with me as long as I didn’t die. lol.

What I did to treat the minor burnt area in my hand, I rubbed an ice cube on it for how many minutes so that it will not get worse and further damage skin tissues. I already learned my lesson and that is to not leave our gas oven unattended even just for a few seconds.

Here are a few burn remedies to treat your minor wounds:

  • Cold Water
  • Ice Cube
  • Aloe Vera
  • Coconut Oil
  • Honey


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  1. Thank goodness it did not turn out to be worse. I am very careful with using gas stoves. A little leak can mean disaster. Thanks for sharing this. I hope people will learn from it and be more careful next time.

  2. We have gas oven too, so far I did not get any burns yet but I did on the stove while frying the fish. The top of my hand burned and it hurts to bad but I did applied ice immediately and lotion to keep from scaring and it works.

    1. Ice really helps when it comes to mild burns. I hope you won’t experience what I just experienced lol because it really is traumatizing. Thanks jessica! 🙂

  3. Good thing that you only had minor burns. But it sure is scary! At least this time you learned that it isn’t a good idea to leave the gas oven unattended. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t want to use oven whenever there are kids around.

  4. That’s scary! Good thing it didn’t explode and you only had minor burns in your fingers. I bought an oven for baking but never used it since nobody know how to bake (lol).

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