Tips To Have An “On Fleek” Eyebrows

From what I remembered, a thin arched eyebrows was trendy during the early 2000’s but as of today, majority of people are sporting a thick, dark or a more natural looking brows.

I only know how to put basic make-up so since I am already old enough to wear some on my face, although I rarely wear any make-up on, if ever I would, what I apply on my face is a concealer for my blemishes and dark circles, a lipstick, and the most important part is to fill in my brows. Then I’m already good to go to wherever I am currently headed for the day.  

Anything can be forgotten, whether it’ll be putting on my concealer or my lipstick, but no matter how in a rush I am, I will never forget and I’ll always make sure that I could fill in and shape my eyebrows before going out of the house. Lol.

So here are some tips below on how to make your eyebrows on fleek:

  1. The most important thing that you should consider is choosing the brow color that you will use to shape your eyebrows, whether you’re using a brow pencil or a brow powder, you should stay within one to two shade ranges of your hair color.
  2. The next step is brow mapping, according to Jared Bailey, there are three key portions to every brow.

    The start – To find your starting measurement, place your angled brush in the groove of your nose and align it vertically against the side of your inner eyeball. This should be the start of your eyebrow, which creates a slimming effect. The Arch – Move the brush diagonally across the center of the iris. This is where your brow arch should be at its highest. The Tail – Place the brush against the outside of your nose and align the brush within the outer corner of your eye, this is where the brow should end. 

  3. Trim and take off the excess hair of your eyebrows before filling it in. Or you can go to your trusted brow bar and let them wax or trim your eyebrows for you.
  4. The fun part is filling in and shaping your eyebrows, I use powder and an angled brush to shape my eyebrows properly. For a natural looking eyebrows, use your angle brush tool or your eyebrow pencil, draw a line on the bottom part of your eyebrows then a softer line through very top hairs. Blend these two lines to meet in the middle for a natural effect.
  5. Fill in missing patches of hair (like from scars) with a sharp brow pencil for a detailed, natural look “drawn-on hairs”.

That’s it! Now, you can easily achieve and have a strong eyebrow game within minutes.

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  1. I can never pull it off unless my eyebrows are thinner…i have thick eyebrows..and they dont have a shape2 to it.. its almost like the korean brows..its quite straight… 🙁

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