Guitar Lessons

When I was still in high school I was enrolled in a music school to learn how to play guitar, at first it wasn’t really a part of my plan to learn how to play an instrument and during that time I also had a friend who plays the drums and she encouraged me to enroll at a music school because she told me that it is also a great way to enjoy myself aside from the usual thing that I always do and she also said that the teachers there were very accommodating.

True to her words, the teacher that I was assigned to was very accommodating and also very patient in teaching me how to play guitar and because I was still a newbie my uncle lend me his guitar for the mean time and my mom promised me to buy a new one if I already mastered in playing the guitar. I had a hard time choosing a guitar at the mall during that time because I didn’t like the designs. Here in ikmultimedia you can choose a lot of guitar designs and they just don’t sell guitars but other instruments as well like drums, keyboards, and also instrument accessories. I have a lot of spare time right now so I think it will be a great time to play my guitar again.

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