Sizzling Tenderloin Steak and Beef Steak

If you want to eat at a delicious but still an affordable place to eat, then you should definitely try Ems Pasta and Rolls they’re located at Jacinto Extension, F. Torres Street. They serve a lot of dishes including pastas, sizzling steaks, and many more. So what we ordered was a sizzling tenderloin steak and a sizzling beef steak and it did not disappoint! 

The photo above is the one that I took, the left one is the sizzling beef tenderloin and the right one is the sizzling beef steak. I liked the sizzling beef tenderloin more because it tasted amazing although the beef was a bit chewy nevertheless it was still delicious. I still recommend that you guys should try this. The serving size of each of the dishes that we ordered can already accomodate two people and each cost us (as what I remembered) around 140 pesos each dish. I also heard from a friend that their lasagna is delightful so I’ll certainly come back next time and taste it myself! Can’t wait! 

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