Sagae Cafe: Best Korean Food In Town

This photo is from SaGae Cafe’s Facebook Account

So recently I have been craving for a Korean food and really wanted to try a new dish aside from the usual bibimbap that I always order, finally I was able to taste a different kind of Korean cuisine when I went to this amazing place called SaGae Cafe.

The ambiance and the interior of the place looks nice although it didn’t looked like the conventional Korean Restaurant that I always go to, the interior of this place has a modern twist.

You might be wondering why I stated in the title of this post that Sagae Cafe has the best Korean food here in Davao City, simply because their food is amazing! I mean, I have already been to a lot of Korean Restaurants in the City but I never tasted such authenticity yet, I also love the service of this restaurant because everyone were very attentive, not just to us but also to the other customers who dined there that time.

Snow Ggas – 300 pesos ( A set of Cheese Pork Cutlet, Kimchi, Kimchi Radish, Udon Soup, Rice)

Snow Ggas is a Japanese fusion meal, so it’s basically and tonkatsu with a mozarella cheese on top. And who doesn’t love cheese? This dish is really good, you should definitely check this out if ever you’re dining in Sagae Cafe.

Just look at that Cheesy goodness. Aren’t you hungry yet? Because I am now. T_T

Kimchi Cheese nabeDonggas – 300 pesos (Kimchi Cheese Cutlet, Kimchi, Kimchi Radish, Udon Soup, Rice)

This dish is a kimchi ramyun soup with a twist and the reason why there’s a twist is because a normal Kimchi ramen soup doesn’t have anything on top, it is usually just a sunny side-up egg but this Kimchi soup has a pork tonkatsu with a mozzarella cheese. This dish just became the top one on my most favorite korean cuisines, I just love how the spiciness of the Kimchi Soup combined so well with the cheesy pork cutlet! Definitely a must try!

Excuse my blurry photo, it is because I was already so excited to try this that’s why it turned out like that. LOL.

Different Kinds of Kimchi Side Dish

I love how this Kimchi tasted although it is quite spicy but this seriously tasted so good and really goes well with the main dish.

The overall experience at this restaurant is truly memorable for me because the food tasted amazing and the service was beyond my expectations! I have never been in a restaurant that has this kind of best service yet, all of them were very attentive to their customers and this just made me want to dine here again. The food were expensive but absolutely worth every penny because they have a big serving so this cafe is definitely a must try!


SaGae Cafe

Facebook account 

Located at:

Lanang Business Park,
JP Laurel Avenue, Lanang
Davao City 

Open Hours: 10:30 am – 10:00 pm

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  1. It did not occur to me that Korean food is also so popular in the Philippines. These dishes are what I would love to eat! They look absolutely delicious.

  2. Whenever talk about Korean food, I always looking forward for the Grill meat. I love it very much. And this Korean food look nice.

  3. It certainly looks interesting. Lots of food with a twist. I almost never see that much cheese on the donkasse here, but I’d sure love if they did it that way hahha Hope it satisfied the craving!

  4. The dishes at this place look really good dear. Love Korean serves, will certainly check this place out sometime soon 🙂

  5. I also like Korean foods especially the hot stewed kimchi! I will add this resto to my list of must-visit in Davao. Thank you, babe!

  6. Snow ggas reminds me of one of my favorite tonkatsu from Yabu. I hope they come up a branch here in Manila. I will definitely visit and try the Snow ggas!

  7. The dishes look so good dear and the cheese plating is exceptionally tempting. Will certainly need to go there and try it one of these days.

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