A healthier me, maybe?

It is so cliche how I titled my very first post here but don’t judge me please since I’m still new to this “blogging” thing. Anyway, first of all, I am Mariel and I’d like you to know me first before you start reading anything that’s in this blog.(As if someone would actually read this!) 
I really like to eat, like really like it so much, and I sometimes think that this is my purpose on why I was born in this world. I love pasta so much especially the short types of pasta because it’s hassle free when I eat it, but any type is also fine with me. Not really that picky when it comes to food.
This is the main reason why I always gain weight like every minute. I love eating unhealthy food like junk foods and anything that can be bought at a fast food chain. This may sound a bit off-putting to some of you who will read this (okay, let’s just say that there will be someone who will read this lol) but I really like greasy food those with too much oil like french fries, burgers, and the like. I like to eat a lot of salty food that’s why I’m kind of bloated the past few days. 
Although I tried to eat something healthier like eating green salads, fruits every day, but the thing is I wasn’t able to last for a month. I’m not really that determined, and I still don’t have enough self-control to stop eating all these unhealthy tempting stuff around me. 
This is getting too long and boring so I need to get to the main point in why I am writing this as of the moment because this year I need to start eating more vegetables and fruits instead of eating junk all day. I want to get fit and be healthy for the future me. Naks! 

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