Finally tried Backyard Burgers

I have been wanting to try and eat at Backyard Burgers since the day I knew about it and honestly while looking at their menu, it is absolutely appetizing to look at that you’ll literally salivate and just want to grab a bite on their burgers, but I only tasted it today since they had a 99 pesos sale on their selected burgers.
What I ordered was the Cheesy Bacon Burger just because

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Jadine is not a place, it is not a food, and it is also not a type of animal. If you still don’t know yet then let me tell you something about jadine. Jadine is one of the most popular “love teams” here in the Philippines, if not one of the most, then it is definitely the number one love team in the Philippines.
So I attended their concert last friday at SM Lanang SMX convention center here in Davao City although I am not a hardcore fanatic (not like my aunt she’s crazy about them). I really enjoyed watching the show even though at first I was a bit hesitant to go since the waiting line was so long and not to mention the time that we waited there was excruciatingly painful. I mean literally painful because my feet was already hurting and i was already

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21 and I still don’t have a job

The title of this post says it all.
I literally don’t know what to do with my life and I’m already 21, so I basically just graduated last March, but it has been 6 months and I still haven’t found any job yet and I’m already so pressured since everyone in the family has been bugging me to get a job already which is pretty annoying. I feel like such a failure right at this moment in my life and I literally feel like crying. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I am trying to find a job but unfortunately no one hired me or I hadn’t got any response yet from the companies that I sent my resume to. 
I just really want to start working already but every time I have an interview, I am always nervous

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Keepsakes Cafe

Whenever I want to eat something delicious but still affordable I frequently go to Mcdonalds, Jollibee, or Keepsakes Cafe. Mostly cafes and restaurants in the city are quite pricey but in this cafe you’ll definitely save a lot because the serving of their food is just enough for the price. 
I can’t remember exactly what kind of pizza my friends and I ordered but it tasted great, I think it was taco pizza and the other one is beef, and not to mention their pizza is

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Freakshakes at Cheat Time Bakehouse

I haven’t updated my blog since April because I was a bit busy (of korean dramas lol) and so today I decided to write something about the latest food trend that you will see nowadays here in Davao City and it’s called the Freakshakes. I don’t know why it’s called freakshakes but I guess it’s because the shakes is not just an ordinary shake and you’ll literally freak out once you taste it lol. So the shake has a lot of toppings at the tip of the glass, it has a slice of cake with a lot of toppings like pepero, wafer sticks, whipped cream, and a drizzle of chocolate or caramel. Sounds tempting right?
The flavors of these shakes are nutella and vanilla. I paired my vanilla shake with a red velvet cake as the topping and it tasted good because the sweetness of the shake complimented well to

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Frappes for the Summer

Whenever my friends and i hangout we always like going to the mall to stroll or go to a coffee shop just to chill because it’s already summer and the heat is just overwhelming and not to mention because of the rotational brownout that the people in Davao are currently experiencing, so a cold drink for this kind of weather is really awesome right now.
The first photo is a matcha frappe which

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Sizzling Tenderloin Steak and Beef Steak

If you want to eat at a delicious but still an affordable place to eat, then you should definitely try Ems Pasta and Rolls they’re located at Jacinto Extension, F. Torres Street. They serve a lot of dishes including pastas, sizzling steaks, and many more. So what we ordered was a sizzling tenderloin steak and a sizzling beef steak and it did not disappoint! 

The photo above is the one that I took, the left one is the sizzling beef tenderloin and the right one is the sizzling beef steak. I liked the sizzling beef tenderloin more because it tasted amazing although the beef was a bit chewy nevertheless it was still delicious. I still recommend that you guys should try this. The serving size of each of the dishes that we ordered can already accomodate two people and each cost us (as what I remembered) around 140 pesos each dish. I also heard from a friend that their lasagna is delightful so I’ll certainly come back next time and taste it myself! Can’t wait! 

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Korean Food

I love to eat anything especially Korean food hence my blog name which is “food for my Seoul” because someday I would love to go to Seoul South Korea and because food is my one true love. loljk. I have tried a couple of Korean dishes from different Korean restaurants here in Davao City and what I love the most is their signature dish Bibimbap.

So basically, bibimbap means mixed rice that is composed of different vegetables like carrots, lettuce, spinach, ground meat, topped with a sunny side up egg, kimchi, and chili pepper paste called gochujang. 


The photo above was at Gui Gui Grill, they’re located in J.P. Laurel Avenue just across Victoria Plaza alongside chowking, what I love about eating at a Korean restaurant is that the food is not just delicious but they also have a big serving that two people can already share with. Not to mention the delicious side dishes like kimchi, braised baby potatoes, egg pancake, kimchi radish, and etc., I was with my two other friends during that time and we didn’t just ordered bibimbap but we also ordered a samgyeopsal. Samgyeopsal is a grilled meat and it is up to you how you eat it but I eat it traditionally like putting the meat in a lettuce then I also add grilled garlic, chili pepper sauce and of course, white rice, wrap it with the lettuce, and then eat it in one go.

I have a big appetite so eating at a Korean restaurant is like hitting two birds with one stone because it’s not just tasty, it also has a big serving that you will really enjoy although the price is a bit expensive but it’s totally worth it.

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As I mentioned on my first post, I love to eat and because I love eating, of course, I also love to cook and I am usually the one who cooks dinner at home for my family whenever I’m not busy or if I am not that lazy to cook. Whenever I am out with my family or friends and if I am cooking something special, it already became a habit of mine to take a picture first of the food before actually eating it and it usually takes me a bit of time because I need to get a good angle before capturing the food. lol 
At first, it annoys me whenever I’m at a restaurant and I take some photos of the food that I just ordered because I can see some people who are looking at me like they can’t believe I took a picture of the food that I am about to eat, it feels like I committed a serious crime when all I did was took a picture of my food. lol. I don’t really have to explain myself on why I take pictures of my food but just so you know it is because I just like to share it on my instagram account simple as that. LOL
As the time goes by I already got used to some people looking at me or judging me while I am taking photos but I don’t mind them anymore because I like what I’m doing and as long as I’m not doing anything that is illegal I will continue doing what I love. Other people just have to get over themselves and stop scrutinizing every little detail about other people. 


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