New Bedroom Wall Paint?

I am planning on painting my bedroom wall and also decorating it but I still don’t know what color, so I’m currently searching on pinterest on what color paint I will use. I am into in the darker shades of blue lately but I don’t think my aunt would approve of it but we’ll see, I also think a peach color is nice to look at.

I want to decorate my wall like put on some picture frames or just paste the pictures on the wall with a pattern. I also want to put a yellowish christmas lights on the curtains so that my room will kind of look like magical and dreamy. Lol.

I still don’t know when though but I’ll make sure to do this sooner than later. I have a lot of decorating plans but I don’t know when to start.

Will you recommend me some sites that has ideas for bedroom decorations or designs aside from pinterest?

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I’ve been to a few Japanese restaurants here in Davao City and I can say that my favorite by far is Taishozan and I have been here twice already and it never disappoints because the food tastes great especially their spicy tuna roll like it is seriously the bomb!

I liked the interior of the place because they really made an effort in decorating it and the place also has a Japanese vibe into it maybe because of the (fake) cherry blossoms that they put on the ceiling. lol

The first time we tried here last june there were

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Still Underconstruction

Words can’t describe how elated I am today because guess what?? I finally have my own domain name! I finally have my own blogging website and it makes me so damn happy. Thanks to my aunt who helped me get my own domain. Although I’m having some problems with the images, I think it’s because of the image hosting site that I’m using but I’m already working on it. So my blog is currently under construction right now because I feel like there’s still something missing and I just can’t point out whether it’s the theme or the design of my header, I mean I like the theme of my blog because for me it looks neat and I wanted it to look simple but still attractive to look at. So I don’t really know right now maybe I’ll change the design of my header later on, but for now that will do. lol

The content of this blog will obviously be about

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Lunch at Kuya J

Honestly speaking I was really surprised when I tasted the food at Kuya J’s because I just didn’t expect it to be that good. I mean I have already heard a lot of good reviews about their halo-halo (a filipino desser that is technically a shaved ice with milk, red beans, ube, sago, leche flan and and a scoop of ice cream on top) and that they said it really tasted so good but I wasn’t really expecting so much of their main courses to taste so delicious.
 Grilled Rack of Ribs
I came here with my family and we were really hungry so we ordered the grilled rack of ribs and I was really surprised by how big it was because this can be eaten by 2-3 persons and it only costs you

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Cafe Krieli: A Cute Tiny Cafe

Thank God for the new cafes here in Davao that I get to try! I was really stoked when I went here last night, I have been eyeing this tiny cafe ever since I saw it while passing by along mabini street. I was already about to go home when I decided at the very last minute to check this place out because I was really curious on what kind of food they serve. When we got there, my friend and I were the only customers during that time so we were very fortunate because the place is literally cute as in super tiny that it could just fit like only six to ten people inside their cafe but they also have tables outside. Good thing we were the only one who ate there last night because it would already be too crowded if there were other people too. Lol.
Obviously, I ordered a matcha frappe since

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Food Bloggers

I am fond of trying out new restaurants and cafes so every time I discover new places here in Davao City it really excites me, because I like trying different kinds of cuisines and to taste new flavors that would suit my taste as a food enthusiast, but it doesn’t mean that if the food that you ordered in a restaurant/cafe is expensive, it will be automatically going to be delicious. ? I have already experienced

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South Korea: My Dream Destination

Ever since the day that I tried Korean food I have always been a fan of it, and I have tried eating at a couple of restaurants here in Davao that serves tasty korean dishes. When I first tried eating at a Korean restaurant which was introduced to me first by my cousin, who is a huge kpop fan, she recommended me the Samgyeopsal, and it is a Korean dish that is basically a grilled bacon cut meat, that is also served with lettuce, rice, garlic, and a korean chili paste. You can combine all of them, put the rice, garlic, chili paste and the

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Ice Cream & Cookies Cafe Davao

I’ve been wanting to try this very cute place along mabini street, it is literally cute because the place is so tiny but their interior is quite cute. They sell ice cream and cookies together for only 85 pesos, and you can also add a syrup (your choice of flavor) for only 10 pesos.
What I had was the black and white cookie and the

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Selling my clothes

My closet is already full and I do think that I need a closet upgrade, so I decided to sell my preloved and also those brand new clothes that I haven’t worn yet through instagram. This is already my second time in selling my clothes online, but it was already like two years ago. I did not just sell my clothes but I also tried selling Kimbap (it is a Korean delicacy, it’s like a sushi roll) and it was such a hit during that time and many people ordered from me. It was really heart warming when your customers are satisfied with what you are selling. 
I also plan on selling cookies and other desserts in the future, but for now I just really need a closet space and to also have a new wardrobe. I also need the money so I think online selling will really help, and it is also hassle free since you’re just at home selling stuff. 

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Finally tried Backyard Burgers

I have been wanting to try and eat at Backyard Burgers since the day I knew about it and honestly while looking at their menu, it is absolutely appetizing to look at that you’ll literally salivate and just want to grab a bite on their burgers, but I only tasted it today since they had a 99 pesos sale on their selected burgers.
What I ordered was the Cheesy Bacon Burger just because

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