Still Underconstruction

Words can’t describe how elated I am today because guess what?? I finally have my own domain name! I finally have my own blogging website and it makes me so damn happy. Thanks to my aunt who helped me get my own domain. Although I’m having some problems with the images, I think it’s because of the image hosting site that I’m using but I’m already working on it. So my blog is currently under construction right now because I feel like there’s still something missing and I just can’t point out whether it’s the theme or the design of my header, I mean I like the theme of my blog because for me it looks neat and I wanted it to look simple but still attractive to look at. So I don’t really know right now maybe I’ll change the design of my header later on, but for now that will do. lol

The content of this blog will obviously be about my life and food┬ábecause well, food is life. Duhh. Well seriously speaking, I will most of the time talk about my food trip adventures, visit, taste and share with you the new cafes and restaurants here in Davao (someday in a different place too) and a minimal stories about this bumpy ride called life. If someday somebody would read my blog I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing them. ­čÖé

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