My Acne Story

Ever since I was in my teenage years up until now that I am already in my early 20’s, am still experiencing acne breakouts, it wasn’t the kind of breakouts that pimples would cover my entire face but it would pop out once in awhile which is very annoying and not to mention my skin is so dry and rashes would form in my cheeks area. I have tried any drugstore products out there that says would help healing my breakouts but unfortunately all of it didn’t work out on me. Just recently I bought a lot of skin care products and prayed that these would work because to tell you the truth, they weren’t cheap at all and skin care products are expensive especially the high-end ones and for the umpteenth time these products failed to work its miracles on me. My skin became more flaky and I thought that it was just my skin reacting to all these products that I recently used, so I kept on using it but the rashes on my face worsened up and there were already pimples on my chin area that won’t just go away (I guess they loved my skin that much lol) and it really started to affect me like my level of confidence would just go down the drain. It came to a point where I no longer want to take pictures and just looking at my face makes me sad because my pimple breakout was just too much and I’ve tried everything and it just didn’t seem to work.

Earlier this month, I decided to finally go to the derma and treat my acne prone skin. I was hesitant at first because it’s been so long since I went to the dermatologist. The procedure was very painful especially the pricking part but it was all worth it. Money spent on facial and acne medications were a bit pricey but definitely worth the risk because I can finally see some changes on my skin. Pimples on my chin area are no longer there although there are still acne scars left and the rash is already gone. My skin is beginning to clear up and never looked this healthy.

I still have acne every once in awhile but it  heals very fast and they’re very tiny and you can’t barely see them unless you’re so close to me. Fingers crossed that my skin will remain in its healthy state.






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