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I don’t usually talk about having a boyfriend here on my blog although everyone who knows me personally basically already knows about me having a boyfriend ofcourse including my family. lol.

The beginning of this relationship is quite hard, the first month we hid it to my family since mine was so strict although his family already knows about us from the very beginning.¬† It wasn’t really my intention to hide it but I guess I was scared on how they would react especially my aunt. Haha. Anyway, atleast everything’s okay now.

I thought having a boyfriend is just a walk in the park, I imagined that it would be easy peasy but nope it wasn’t like that. Learned a lot of things while in this relationship and being easy is not one of them. We fight a lot and love a lot. We both have a lot of differences and everyday we discover new traits about each other. We argue with the most littlest details and we laugh with the most childish things we encounter.¬†This relationship has still a long way to go and we still have a lot to improve on ourselves.

Maturity, understanding, and patience are the keys for a healthy relationship and I admit that even though we are almost on our 2nd year, we both still have a lot to improve to make this work. It’s not easy, it will never gonna be easy, but we’re getting by and that’s what’s important.




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