Jadine is not a place, it is not a food, and it is also not a type of animal. If you still don’t know yet then let me tell you something about jadine. Jadine is one of the most popular “love teams” here in the Philippines, if not one of the most, then it is definitely the number one love team in the Philippines.
So I attended their concert last friday at SM Lanang SMX convention center here in Davao City although I am not a hardcore fanatic (not like my aunt she’s crazy about them). I really enjoyed watching the show even though at first I was a bit hesitant to go since the waiting line was so long and not to mention the time that we waited there was excruciatingly painful. I mean literally painful because my feet was already hurting and i was already tired before the concert even started, since we were already at the venue at around 2pm and the line started around 3pm, but we still have to be in line for another 3 hours (it was like 6pm) so that we could finally be able to get inside and sit, and because the line was very long we were able to get inside at around 6:30 pm. At last when I was able to sit on my designated seat, unfortunately for me my stomach started hurting so I had to go out again to flush those toxins out, good thing when I came back it was already starting but james and nadine weren’t performing yet. 
When the 5 minutes countdown already started , people from all ages were already screaming their lungs out, everybody was really excited to see them both perform, and at first I was just sitting there, but when the 5 minutes countdown was almost over my heart was starting to pump very fast because although it’s embarrasing to admit I was also very excited to see them in person and to see them perform on stage. And when they finally came out I just suddenly stood from my chair and also scream my heart out and I was really ecstatic, which definitely surprised me since I am not that much of a fan. Lol. 
Overall, I really enjoyed the show, it was very entertaining although the I waited for like 5 hours just to see them. It was definitely one of the best memories in my life because I didn’t just saw Jadine but I also got to spend it with my aunt, and I also met new friends because of the concert. 

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