Freakshakes at Cheat Time Bakehouse

I haven’t updated my blog since April because I was a bit busy (of korean dramas lol) and so today I decided to write something about the latest food trend that you will see nowadays here in Davao City and it’s called the Freakshakes. I don’t know why it’s called freakshakes but I guess it’s because the shakes is not just an ordinary shake and you’ll literally freak out once you taste it lol. So the shake has a lot of toppings at the tip of the glass, it has a slice of cake with a lot of toppings like pepero, wafer sticks, whipped cream, and a drizzle of chocolate or caramel. Sounds tempting right?
The flavors of these shakes are nutella and vanilla. I paired my vanilla shake with a red velvet cake as the topping and it tasted good because the sweetness of the shake complimented well to the red velvet cake that I chose. While my friend who ordered the nutella flavored shake got the moist cake as the topping, I also tasted what she got and it tasted good but it was too sweet for my taste.
The second time that I went there I was also with a friend, of course because I love anything that is matcha, I ordered the matcha oreo shake with an oreo cheesecake and it was delicious I liked it so much but it’s also too sweet for me so unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish it all :(. My friend got the rockyroad shake and he paired it with a moist cake.
Menu price varies from the cake that you will order and it ranges from 140 to 170 pesos, and if you will order their special flavored shakes you will only have to add 20 pesos.
Cheat Time Bakehouse
Located at: Corner Ponce, Guerrero Street, Davao City
Open Hours: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm

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