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I am fond of trying out new restaurants and cafes so every time I discover new places here in Davao City it really excites me, because I like trying different kinds of cuisines and to taste new flavors that would suit my taste as a food enthusiast, but it doesn’t mean that if the food that you ordered in a restaurant/cafe is expensive, it will be automatically going to be delicious. ? I have already experienced being disappointed a couple of times because of trying out new restaurants that sells expensive food but the taste of their food is not that great, so the money that I spent is not worth it. No matter how you plate the food or how presentable, and “instagrammable” the food looks like, but if the taste is bad then it is still a zero for me, and not worth the penny.  
So right now if I discover a new place I always tend to research about how the food taste like before actually going there myself, and I think having those food bloggers who rate food online without any pretentious flowering words are really helpful to people like me who just wants to eat something delicious. I have already spotted a few new cafes and as well as restaurants that I heard serves great quality dishes and I will surely visit them soon. Can’t wait! 

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