Finally tried Backyard Burgers

I have been wanting to try and eat at Backyard Burgers since the day I knew about it and honestly while looking at their menu, it is absolutely appetizing to look at that you’ll literally salivate and just want to grab a bite on their burgers, but I only tasted it today since they had a 99 pesos sale on their selected burgers.
What I ordered was the Cheesy Bacon Burger just because cheese and bacon really sounds and tastes so good together. 
My friend had the Spicy BBQ Bacon Burger, and I had tried it a bit and it is really spicy and he was literally crying because it was too hot. Lol
We also ordered fries and onion rings. The fries were so good since I added a barbeque flavoring to it and it costs 20 pesos, the onion rings were good but it was a bit overcooked.
 I honestly had a high expectations on the taste of their burgers since there were a lot of hype and it looks really good, but unfortunately for me, I didn’t liked the patty that much because it tasted ordinary and there’s nothing really special about it, good thing there was a bacon because it was the only thing that I liked in the burger that I ordered. It’s not like it really tasted horrible, it was just “okay” and I think I just expected too much. I will still comeback in the future and taste their other burger flavors and see if it will taste much better.

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