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First post this 2018!!! I’m finally back. :3

So i just wanted to share my experience during our company’s charity program. But before that, if you didn’t know yet, the latter part of 2017 was really heart breaking. A lot of terrible things happened. A fire broke out in one of the malls here in our city and caused a lot of deaths. ? There was also a typhoon and a lot of families were affected by it. ┬áThis tragedies happened days just before christmas. To be honest, thinking about those people who died during the fire incident and those families who were deeply affected by the flood is still making me sad. I just couldn’t imagine what their families and loved ones would feel like knowing that the people they love are no longer gonna be with them. ?

On a lighter note. The company that i’m currently working at, decided to donate and help those families who were affected by the flood. So my co-workers and I packed goods and distributed it at a place here in our city. While distributing the donations, my heart was filled with joy as I saw happy faces while telling us that they’re grateful by our humble donations.

I hope that this year, i will be able to help more people who are in need. Also, one of my main goals is to volunteer at paws and help those dogs who were maltreated and abandoned.

Thanks for reading!



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