Gibson 2014 Electric Guitar

The Gibson 2014 SGJ14 Electric Guitar celebrates Gibson’s 120th Anniversary in style with their latest Electric Guitar that has a mahogany body and really nice to look at! This Electric Guitar is a perfect gift for my cousin because it doesn’t just look great but it also has an excellent sound! It also has a max grip speed knobs, vintage style tuners, a Graph Tech nut and satin chrome tune-o-matic bridge! Did I already mentioned that it also includes a gig bag??

Definitely an amazing guitar with a lot of great features!

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Christmas Present

I’m not really into drums, but my cousin is, she just performed at their recital last month, and she was really good at it according to my aunt. Although I was only able to watch it through the video that my aunt captured during the show, I was really proud of her because I clearly saw how great she was while playing the drums. This lil john roberts drumstick is really nice and a good present for her this Christmas. I think she will really like this.

How about you? Do you already have a Christmas gifts to your loved ones? Why not try and give them something that is useful and also something that they will treasure for the rest of their lives? I was so glad I already know what to give my cousin this upcoming Christmas.

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Guitar Lessons

When I was still in high school I was enrolled in a music school to learn how to play guitar, at first it wasn’t really a part of my plan to learn how to play an instrument and during that time I also had a friend who plays the drums and she encouraged me to enroll at a music school because she told me that it is also a great way to enjoy myself aside from the usual thing that I always do and she also said that the teachers there were very accommodating.

True to her words, the teacher that I was assigned to was very accommodating and also very patient in teaching me how to play guitar and because I was still a newbie my uncle lend me his guitar for the mean time and my mom promised me to buy a new one if I already mastered in playing the guitar. I had a hard time choosing a guitar at the mall during that time because I didn’t like the designs. Here in ikmultimedia you can choose a lot of guitar designs and they just don’t sell guitars but other instruments as well like drums, keyboards, and also instrument accessories. I have a lot of spare time right now so I think it will be a great time to play my guitar again.

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