Healthy Breakfast Idea

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; hence we need to eat a healthy meal in order to have strength and to energize our body throughout the day, but how can you be healthy when what you eat during breakfast is a two or maybe five strips of bacon that is oozing with oily fats? You can still eat something delicious and be healthy without the need to eat grass. Just make yourself a delicious and sweet acai bowl for breakfast. You won’t just enjoy your breakfast but you will also have a healthy body since Acai has a lot of benefits because it is organic and has a high amount of antioxidants that is good for the heart, it can also make your skin look radiant, and it is also good for digestion.

I really wanted to try this acai bowl but I still don’t know where to buy it here in Davao. I don’t think that it is already available here. It would be so cool if there will be a restaurant here in Davao that will sell Acai, and I’m sure it will be a hit and people will love it, especially those who are into healthy food.

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How to deal with stress?

I have been stressed out for a couple of months now, although I try not to think much about my “problems” but it still shows especially in my face. From what I observed my face starts to break out when I am stressed out or when I also lack a good 6-8 hours of sleep. For the past months I can only count with both of my hands the nights that I slept like a baby, I couldn’t sleep properly because of too much over thinking (about my future plans) that it is already affecting my body clock. As what I said, I have also experienced break outs on my face and I think it triggered more because of too much sweets. Whenever I’m stressed I tend to eat a lot of sweets, or any types of junkfood and eating unhealthy food everyday has a bad side effects in your body like having pimples, low immune system, and also being cranky.

I experienced all of that for these past months and it’s definitely stressing me out more. Lol. I literally don’t know what to do. How do you guys deal with stress? I deal with it through eating and I think it’s a bad idea because I’m starting to gain weight. Lmao.

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A healthier me, maybe?

It is so cliche how I titled my very first post here but don’t judge me please since I’m still new to this “blogging” thing. Anyway, first of all, I am Mariel and I’d like you to know me first before you start reading anything that’s in this blog.(As if someone would actually read this!) 
I really like to eat, like really like it so much, and I sometimes think that this is my purpose on why I was born in this world. I love pasta so much especially the short types of pasta because it’s hassle free when I eat it, but any type is also fine with me. Not really that picky when it comes to food.
This is the main reason why I always gain weight like every minute. I love eating unhealthy food like junk foods and anything that can be bought at a fast food chain. This may sound a bit off-putting to some of you who will read this (okay, let’s just say that there will be someone who will read this lol) but I really like greasy food those with too much oil like french fries, burgers, and the like. I like to eat a lot of salty food that’s why I’m kind of bloated the past few days. 
Although I tried to eat something healthier like eating green salads, fruits every day, but the thing is I wasn’t able to last for a month. I’m not really that determined, and I still don’t have enough self-control to stop eating all these unhealthy tempting stuff around me. 
This is getting too long and boring so I need to get to the main point in why I am writing this as of the moment because this year I need to start eating more vegetables and fruits instead of eating junk all day. I want to get fit and be healthy for the future me. Naks! 

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