Favorite Books

Reading books is one of my favorite pastime activities especially when I’m home alone, whenever I’m at a certain place with no wifi, or if I just wanted to get away from reality for just awhile. My favorite kind of book to read is usually a young adult genre because I can somewhat relate to it and it is not that overly dramatic although there are still a few tearjerker parts of the book which I really love because I sometimes just want to ugly cry and I also  like it when I am able to feel what the characters felt like in the book that I am currently reading, it feels like I am also there with them. It’s amusing for me when I read books because I can really feel their emotions and it feels like I am also a part of their lives and living with them and I sometimes feel like I am the main character of the book that I am reading. How i wish. lol.

So my favorite books so far are the following:

  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I LOVE this book so much because I can really relate to it! Haha! I am a Kpop enthusiast and I have been ever since I was still in high school and this story just perfectly narrate what most fangirls feel (what I felt during that time). It wasn’t just about being a “fangirl” that got me so hooked up with this story, the main character of the book (Cath) is an introvert, I mean she’s really shy and just wants to be with her sister all the time and when they were already in college, Cath wasn’t able to adjust as quick as her

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How to deal with stress?

I have been stressed out for a couple of months now, although I try not to think much about my “problems” but it still shows especially in my face. From what I observed my face starts to break out when I am stressed out or when I also lack a good 6-8 hours of sleep. For the past months I can only count with both of my hands the nights that I slept like a baby, I couldn’t sleep properly because of too much over thinking (about my future plans) that it is already affecting my body clock. As what I said, I have also experienced break outs on my face and I think it triggered more because of too much sweets. Whenever I’m stressed I tend to eat a lot of sweets, or any types of junkfood and eating unhealthy food everyday has a bad side effects in your body like having pimples, low immune system, and also being cranky.

I experienced all of that for these past months and it’s definitely stressing me out more. Lol. I literally don’t know what to do. How do you guys deal with stress? I deal with it through eating and I think it’s a bad idea because I’m starting to gain weight. Lmao.

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Too Shy For Words

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been really shy like REALLY shy, mind you, I’m not even exaggerating. I still remember when I was in kindergarten and our teacher would let us sing the alphabet song or any nursery rhymes and make us stand in front of the whole class and I would literally shake because I was too shy to sing, so I tend to cover my face using my hair while looking at my shoes. I also used to cry whenever my mom leaves for work after she sends me to school because I didn’t want to be left alone at school. Haha!

Even when I was already in college, I always look at the lobby first whether there are a lot of students and contemplate hard enough if I should pass by the lobby or just use the other staircase near the cashier’s office (but it would consume a lot of time) and if I don’t have a choice and I really need to pass by the lobby because it is the shortest route to my classroom then I would use my phone and fake text then walk like my ass was on fire because

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Still Underconstruction

Words can’t describe how elated I am today because guess what?? I finally have my own domain name! I finally have my own blogging website and it makes me so damn happy. Thanks to my aunt who helped me get my own domain. Although I’m having some problems with the images, I think it’s because of the image hosting site that I’m using but I’m already working on it. So my blog is currently under construction right now because I feel like there’s still something missing and I just can’t point out whether it’s the theme or the design of my header, I mean I like the theme of my blog because for me it looks neat and I wanted it to look simple but still attractive to look at. So I don’t really know right now maybe I’ll change the design of my header later on, but for now that will do. lol

The content of this blog will obviously be about

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Food Bloggers

I am fond of trying out new restaurants and cafes so every time I discover new places here in Davao City it really excites me, because I like trying different kinds of cuisines and to taste new flavors that would suit my taste as a food enthusiast, but it doesn’t mean that if the food that you ordered in a restaurant/cafe is expensive, it will be automatically going to be delicious. ? I have already experienced

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South Korea: My Dream Destination

Ever since the day that I tried Korean food I have always been a fan of it, and I have tried eating at a couple of restaurants here in Davao that serves tasty korean dishes. When I first tried eating at a Korean restaurant which was introduced to me first by my cousin, who is a huge kpop fan, she recommended me the Samgyeopsal, and it is a Korean dish that is basically a grilled bacon cut meat, that is also served with lettuce, rice, garlic, and a korean chili paste. You can combine all of them, put the rice, garlic, chili paste and the

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Selling my clothes

My closet is already full and I do think that I need a closet upgrade, so I decided to sell my preloved and also those brand new clothes that I haven’t worn yet through instagram. This is already my second time in selling my clothes online, but it was already like two years ago. I did not just sell my clothes but I also tried selling Kimbap (it is a Korean delicacy, it’s like a sushi roll) and it was such a hit during that time and many people ordered from me. It was really heart warming when your customers are satisfied with what you are selling. 
I also plan on selling cookies and other desserts in the future, but for now I just really need a closet space and to also have a new wardrobe. I also need the money so I think online selling will really help, and it is also hassle free since you’re just at home selling stuff. 

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Jadine is not a place, it is not a food, and it is also not a type of animal. If you still don’t know yet then let me tell you something about jadine. Jadine is one of the most popular “love teams” here in the Philippines, if not one of the most, then it is definitely the number one love team in the Philippines.
So I attended their concert last friday at SM Lanang SMX convention center here in Davao City although I am not a hardcore fanatic (not like my aunt she’s crazy about them). I really enjoyed watching the show even though at first I was a bit hesitant to go since the waiting line was so long and not to mention the time that we waited there was excruciatingly painful. I mean literally painful because my feet was already hurting and i was already

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21 and I still don’t have a job

The title of this post says it all.
I literally don’t know what to do with my life and I’m already 21, so I basically just graduated last March, but it has been 6 months and I still haven’t found any job yet and I’m already so pressured since everyone in the family has been bugging me to get a job already which is pretty annoying. I feel like such a failure right at this moment in my life and I literally feel like crying. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I am trying to find a job but unfortunately no one hired me or I hadn’t got any response yet from the companies that I sent my resume to. 
I just really want to start working already but every time I have an interview, I am always nervous

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