My Current Favorite Drink

If you personally know me, you would already know how much I love milk tea! Back when I wasn’t really into saving, I would always splurge because duhh it’s my favorite! But there’s this one Milk Tea place that I’m really obsessed with, I’d literally go south to north just to buy my favorite drink from them.

Serenitea’s Matcha Uji Frappe is my happy pill! Matcha and milk tea with ice cream all in one! Wow. I have no words for this but absolute perfection! Just recently when I went there, I also tried there taro snow and it tasted so good that i finished it in less than 5 minutes.

This taro snow is not just for the upcoming hot summer season but also perfect for this tropical weather that we lived in. Serenitea has lots of flavored drinks to choose from. Why not try it out yourself and see what i’m raving about? I assure you that you won’t regret it.

The place and the ambiance is cozy, it’s instagrammable too!


P.s. You might be wondering why I added my photo, well it’s because i just wanted to. HAHA.

x, Mariel ❤


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Tips for Car Safety and Maintaining your Car

Sponsored post.

Driving is not a right, it’s a privilege.

When driving your car you should always be mindful of your surroundings, be extra careful because accidents might happen in just a blink of an eye. So here are a few tips on how to be safe while driving and how to maintain your car.

Start first with the exterior part of your car:

  • Check your car tires if they’re not flat.
  • Then check your side mirrors and wind shields if it’s clean so that you’ll be able to clearly see the road while driving.

Next is the interior part:

  • Check your car’s gas level.
  • Then check the brake pads if it’s working.
  • Turn on your car’s engine for 5 minutes before heading out.
  • When you’re already ready to go make sure to fasten your seatbelts.
  • When overtaking always use a signal light.
  • When turning right or left you should always check your rearview and side mirrors if you’re free to go in that direction.
  • Before turning off the engine you should wait for 5 minutes for the engine to cool down.
  • Make sure your lights are always working for your own convenience while driving during night time.
  • You should have a general check-up at least every after 3 months or 5000 mileage.

Keep these tips in mind because these might help you while driving or while maintaining your car. Check out they have amazing cars for your everyday use.

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Charity Program

First post this 2018!!! I’m finally back. :3

So i just wanted to share my experience during our company’s charity program. But before that, if you didn’t know yet, the latter part of 2017 was really heart breaking. A lot of terrible things happened. A fire broke out in one of the malls here in our city and caused a lot of deaths. ? There was also a typhoon and a lot of families were affected by it.  This tragedies happened days just before christmas. To be honest, thinking about those people who died during the fire incident and those families who were deeply affected by the flood is still making me sad. I just couldn’t imagine what their families and loved ones would feel like knowing that the people they love are no longer gonna be with them. ?

On a lighter note. The company that i’m currently working at, decided to donate and help those families who were affected by the flood. So my co-workers and I packed goods and distributed it at a place here in our city. While distributing the donations, my heart was filled with joy as I saw happy faces while telling us that they’re grateful by our humble donations.

I hope that this year, i will be able to help more people who are in need. Also, one of my main goals is to volunteer at paws and help those dogs who were maltreated and abandoned.

Thanks for reading!



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Why I’ve Been MIA

Cut my hair short last august not because I was broken hearted but – because I wanted to feel something new and look at myself in a new light.

I know I haven’t been updating since god knows when and I really wanted to write again. It was a whirl wind ride for me for the past months. To tell you frankly? I am happy but I wasn’t in a good place. I doubted myself a lot, especially with work related stuff. I started to lose confidence and I just literally don’t know what to do.

I was also busy.
I was busy with work.
And just busy with life in general.

I stopped writing for a while because I wasn’t really into it anymore. I wasn’t feeling motivated like how I used to before when I was still new in this “blogging world”. For how many months, I totally stopped checking my blog, stopped checking groups that are blog related. I thought of quitting for good but in the back of my mind when I experience new things, explored new cities or tried new delicious food – all I wanted to do was to write a new post and share it with you guys.
I wanted to write more and take nice pictures.
I sure am didn’t want to quit.
I know that I don’t have a huge followings here, I don’t even know if there’s anyone who are still reading or visiting my blog. But, in this very moment I suddenly had the urge to write and explain why I haven’t been updating.

I don’t owe anyone any explanations but I know that I owe it to myself, at least.

I wanted to experience the feeling of being thrilled to write again, take new pictures or tell a story of how my day went.

So to summarize it – I want to write more and share my stories, although I’m not good at it.
So here I am now.
Writing my another “first” post.

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Fried Ice Cream, anyone?

I need to seriously share this with you guys! Just recently, there’s an ongoing event here at work (currently working at a mall) and there’s a booth here at the Food Fair and they sell Fried Ice Cream!

I wasn’t really fond of Fried Ice Cream before but this is definitely the best one that I have tried so far. Tried different kinds of flavors but my favorite one is their best seller: Mango Extreme!

The texture was creamy and tastes so delicious and did I already mentioned that their products has 90% less sugar? It’s a win win situation right?! It’s not just yummy but it’s also a guilt free snack!

Also tried their Matcha flavored Fried Ice Cream but unfortunately I wasn’t too into it. lol

Try it now at GMarket’s Food Fair 2017 at GMall of Davao!

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Electric Guitar

Have you seen the fretlight Electric Guitar? It looks awesome! This innovative guitar incorporates sleek lines and supple contours to fit snugly to your body. This Electric Guitar will surely sound great and has a great quality! Definitely a perfect instrument for people who are in a band and those who loves music! I, myself plays guitar too but I also want to learn how to use an electric guitar! It feels like I am a rocker chic while playing one.

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New TV Series

The funny thing is even though I am quite busy with work for the past months, I still managed to watch a few new TV series like 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale. I watched both in less than a week and yes, my sleep was a bit compromised but it was worth it. lol

If I have to compare both TV series, I’d say that 13 reasons why really made a big impact on me. The show is quite triggering for some reasons like it has very explicit scenes that is really mind bothering like rape scenes and bullying. 13 Reasons Why is a show about a teenage girl who committed suicide because of some tragic reasons. I suggest that you don’t recommend this show to anyone who is depressed and has a traumatic experience that might trigger them in doing something horrible.

I somehow can relate to Hannah’s experiences when I was still studying, bullying is definitely one of them, I mean I wasn’t technically bullied to the point of wanting to take my own life but I was also made fun of and it wasn’t a nice feeling at all. I hope that nobody ever feels like that ever.

Anyway, I finished all of it’s 13 episodes in one sitting, even when I was at the office I was still secretly watching through my phone. Good thing I wasn’t caught by my boss. lol.


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Gibson 2014 Electric Guitar

The Gibson 2014 SGJ14 Electric Guitar celebrates Gibson’s 120th Anniversary in style with their latest Electric Guitar that has a mahogany body and really nice to look at! This Electric Guitar is a perfect gift for my cousin because it doesn’t just look great but it also has an excellent sound! It also has a max grip speed knobs, vintage style tuners, a Graph Tech nut and satin chrome tune-o-matic bridge! Did I already mentioned that it also includes a gig bag??

Definitely an amazing guitar with a lot of great features!

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Yolks Flower Cafe + Cupcakery

This is already a long overdue post, I have been meaning to create a post regarding this one ever since last year, but I didn’t have the time to do so. So I am writing a review right now about Yolks and my experience when I took a visit at their beautiful Cafe.

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